More Carny Fun! Plus, Comic-Con!

Greetings from the San Diego Comic-Con! In prepping for this year, we wanted to showcase a few more characters from the film, like the Happy Fat Guy clip from last week’s post, and this angry little fellow:

Again, stay as far away from “Carny Justice” as you can. It’s dark stuff.

There are a few more clips that I’ll post in the coming weeks, so please stay tuned.

We also have spanking new t-shirts, this time in bold, beautiful color! Just like real life! Here’s the design:


Something else new and exciting about this year is we’ve partnered our booth with longtime friend Chris Williams, who’s just finished a stunning new graphic novel called Red Fog.

Do you like zombies? Do you hate Nazis? Then you must find this miraculous new tome and purchase it, post haste! Its got zombies and Nazis! It’s “Band of Brothers” meets “The Walking Dead!” Why are you still reading this instead of purchasing the aforementioned book?!

More updates soon, including some exciting announcements about the progress of “Two-Headed Cop!”

You are all welcome,


The Fat Man Walks Alone!

In preparing for our annual presence at the San Diego Comic-Con (next week!) I’ve been putting together some bits and pieces to show off some more of our characters in action. High on my list of faves is this clip of Happy Fat Guy jauntily strutting his butterball body across stage.

Watch him bounce! Look at him glisten!

Wait til you see him actually dance!

The First Story Revision Is Complete!

We’ve received copious amounts of helpful feedback on the first version of our storyreel. In response, after lots of deliberation and creative spitballing, we’ve decided to simply stand pat. No changes necessary! To all those who chipped in with your insightful thoughts, ideas and criticism, we’d like to offer a very hearty “You’re wrong!”

I am, of course, jesting. I was thrilled with the notes we got. They were extraordinarily helpful, and I think the changes those notes inspired have made the film wayyyy better. We removed a sequence, added roughly two others, and tightened a lot of things up. It feels a lot more noirish now, and I think the story has a better flow. 

Many thanks to everyone who contributed, I am truly grateful.

Here’s a tiny clip that demonstrates one of the revisions. It occurs at the beginning of the Jail sequence (see here for the earlier version) and was a way to inject a little more exposition into the story. It was vaguely inspired by the "go to the mattresses" montage from The Godfather, whose approach I liked more than the standard spinning-newspaper gag.

Now I just have to finalize the dialog and it’s onto casting!