2HC Fave Films!

You may have noticed that the posts have gotten a little sparse lately. This is partly because the current phase of the project - creating and editing storyboards and storyreels - is something I’d like to keep under wraps as much as possible. And partly because it’s keeping me incredibly busy.

I hope to pick up the pace on more posts as other characters get finished and animation tests get completed, but in the meantime, it occurred to me that I could kick things up a notch with a series of posts highlighting some of my favorite animated shorts. That’s right, the work is already done, I just have to link to it. Eureka!

This kills two birds with one stone in that I’ve always wanted a place where I can easily find all of my favorite animated shorts, the ones that have inspired me over the years or that I’ve simply found unique or overly entertaining. This will now be that place. You are all, of course, welcome.

The first film I’d like to show is “At The Ends of the Earth" by director Konstantin Bronzit. I originally saw this at the Ottawa International Animation Festival in 2000, and loved it immediately. There’s so much personality in virtually all of its many characters, and the comedic timing is genius:

Hope you enjoy!

A Gigantic Milestone!

Anyone who knows me socially will ask at some point during a conversation: “Hey, how’s ‘Two-Headed Cop’ going?” While that often feels like an almost existential question about the nature of my happiness, for the past year, my response would usually boil down to this:

We just. Need. To finish. The ferchrissakes storyboards.

Because once the boards are done, we can finish the storyreel. And then we actually have a watchable movie, start-to-finish, and that’s when we can REALLY get started.

As you may have guessed from my long lead in, yes, that time has finally come. (Or maybe you didn’t guess that. That’s okay, this isn’t a test of your reading skills. There is no pressure here, my blog-reading friend!)

The boards are done! And I’ve finally been able to watch a version of this film from start to finish, and have already shown it some trusted friends to get their thoughts and opinions. The first rough storyreel clocks in at a daunting twenty-six minutes and change, and the next step is to refine and strengthen the story, and hopefully shorten it, if possible. The oodles of notes and suggestions I’m already getting from my cohorts will help greatly to that end.

To mark the occasion, I’m posting a teeny, tiny bit of the last sequence we storyboarded, the Carny Fight sequence:

I know, it’s only a few seconds, but don’t worry, there’ll be a lot more fisticuffs for you to enjoy. (Frankly, a little too much, based on the notes I’m getting. What can I say, I like seeing carnies fight!)

 Thanks for tuning in.


Storyboards and CTN Anim Expo

We’ve been running silent and deep for a while, focusing our efforts on getting the storyboards done and “up onto reels” as they say in the biz, and we’re getting close. Soooo close. Just one more sequence to finish.

Recently, we crossed a major hurdle in getting the climax of the film boarded. It’s a crazy 5-minute chase that’s easily the biggest, most complex sequence in the film, and it turned out great. I thought it’d be fun to put up a tiny, non-spoiler tidbit just for kicks:

Are you wondering who’s chasing who? And why there’s an angry mob after 2HC? Or who they see on the other side of that table? And most importantly, are you wondering if this film is gonna be super-awesome?

The answer to all those questions is: yes.

The boards shown above, as well as a hefty portion of the rest of the sequence, were done by the great WonChan Sohn, a talented director and storyboard artist I met at last years CTN Anim Expo. You can see more of his work here.

Speaking of CTN, it’s happening this weekend. If you are at all interested in animation (or animators), what you’re experiencing right now is the nervous bubbling of giddy anticipation!

Whoa. Just breathe real easy now.

Naturally, we will be at the CTN Expo promoting all things Two-Headed Cop at booth B43. Please stop by and say “Hello” if you’re in the vicinity!