2HC Fave Films Part V!

As the summer draws to a close, (except here in LA, where it just stretches on and on) it felt right to post this lazy-summer-esque film, “Weather-Beaten Melody,” directed by Hans Fischerkoesen way back in 1942.

Even now this film is a technical wonder, utilizing multiplane technology and subtle rotoscoping with a proficiency I don’t recall seeing in any other films. For a hand-drawn film it’s such an incredibly detailed and dimensional world.

I also like the simple story, and the general cheeriness of the whole thing. It’s a bit old-fashioned in a way that I find refreshing.

So kick off your sandals, take a sip of ice-cold lemonade and enjoy the show!

Two-Headed Cop has spoken!

I’m so, so, soooooooo excited to announce that we have recorded voices for the character(s) of Two-Headed Cop. Also, I’d like to announce that they sound super-cool and badass!

I put together a little clip of one of their exchanges. In this scene, they’re surrounded by a pack of felonious carnies, and are having a dispute over whether C-Ray should utilize his firearm. Have a listen:

A-Ray is played by Paul Nakauchi, and C-Ray by Fred Tatasciore, both fantastic voice actors that I was very fortunate to work with.

Paul Nakauchi has had many roles as an actor and voice actor on TV and in games, and also does a lot of stage work, including on Broadway. (The dude can sing!) He’s recently joined George Takei in the cast of “Allegiance," a musical about the Japanese internment camps during WWII.

Fred Tatasciore is best known right now for his work as The Hulk in several Marvel animated shows, but also seems to have a credit on virtually anything that requires voice acting. He’s everywhere! Like a scourge!

Both these guys killed it during the recording and gave me the great problem of having too many fantastic takes to choose from. They were also both a joy to work with.

Oh, I was gonna post their pictures, but thought it was better to hear their performances with 2HC as the visual. Also, I totally forgot to snap a pic of them while we were recording.

Derek you jackass!

Cycle Montage From Comic-Con! Plus...

The tumult of the San Diego Comic-Con has finally receded and I’ve started to feel normal gain. It’s like getting your feet back under yourself after riding a giant wave that broke right into the hard, sandy bottom and then into a whirling rinse cycle, popping you out into a miasma of foam and salt. Except the wave is riddled with people in cosplay and long coffee lines and hours and hours of (very fun) conversation.

Also, the wave may contain an impromptu appearance by former astronaut and legend Buzz “holy-crap-that-guy-walked-on-the-moon” Aldrin.

I saw Buzz Aldrin! And one of our 2HC cohorts, Bruce Freeman, actually approached and shook has hand! Good stuff.

For this year, we added a little more to watch at the booth, so I wanted to post it here for all to see. (You’ve already seen a coupla bits, but here’s the whole thing put together with music and a fancy bit of logo zestiness at the end.)

Plus, I have a fairly huge announcement coming in the next few days. Very, very exciting.

Stay tuned!